Why Should I Buy Hardware from Apprentice?

The general computer equipment supplier community, though it provides a useful service to consumer and small business markets, has neither the equipment nor the experience to successfully install and support the Apprentice application programs. Our Past experience includes many examples of customers losing time, effort and money by selecting a hardware supplier who has insufficient experience with the Apprentice products.

The most valuable asset in your office is your data. Its value far outweighs the cost of the programs and the equipment combined. Too many times we have seen data lost because computers were provided by an unqualified supplier. At AIS, we understand the value of your data and offer a "backup validation" service to insure that this asset is not at risk.

We strongly recommend that our customers purchase our product as a complete package, including hardware, software, installation, configuration, and support. The reward for this choice is a well-tuned and efficient system which will give years of productive service.

Computer Hardware and Support Systems

Apprentice Information Systems, Inc., will then take full responsibility for the system, providing you with a "one call" solution should any problems arise. Apprentice Information Systems, Inc. is your full service source for everything in the computer hardware category.

We are a value added reseller of Dell, Hewlett-Packard,Linksys, Netgear, Microsoft, and other major brands, providing complete turn-key delivery, installation and multi year maintenance and support.

Our certified technicians and engineers can work with your IT department or provide complete IT service for those counties who do not have a full-time IT support staff.

Apprentice installed and maintained computer systems are precisely suited to the local government office environment. We have more than twenty years of working in local government offices and we understand the urgency, security, auditability and compliance requirements demanded by local government.

We successfully administer entire courthouse systems with multiple software vendors and provide coordination for each vendor and government office served.

Service With No Excuses

Have you ever called in a problem to your software provider, only to hear “that’s a hardware problem”?

Sometimes it can be frustrating to get someone, anyone to say “It’s my responsibility, I’ll take care of it.”

That’s why our firm prefers to do business “turnkey.” We furnish the hardware, software, administration and support. When problems arise (they always do), call us. We’ll say “That’s our responsibility” and take care of it.