Treasurer's Apprentice

The Treasurer’s Apprentice program has been built and refined over years of use in the Arkansas courthouse.  Our support staff and programmers stay in touch with your needs. Apprentice relies on and works with a committee of Arkansas Treasurers to continually improve our software.

Every part of the program is designed to be as simple and reliable as possible while performing their desired functions. Extensive look-ups for data entry. If a fund or account is entered that does not exist, the operator offered a list of existing entries with an option to add a new fund or account. When entering new information many fields are automatically filled in, such as date/time. Most can be changed by the user within scope of audit requirements.

Database Transaction Processing - If an operation is interrupted due to power failure, operator input or other cancellation, the program will either [Make All Changes] or [Make No Changes] to prevent partial changes and resultant mismatched records. Reports are calculated on current data every time they are run. There are no balances stored that might become out of sync with the actual records.

The Treasurer’s Apprentice is compliant with GASB 34 mandated accounting codes which have been adopted by numerous customers. Our software support staff can assist you in converting to the new
codes when you decide to convert.

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