Assessor's Apprentice

Assessor's Apprentice Real Estate CAMA

The Assessor’s Apprentice Real Estate CAMA is a powerful state-of-the-art computer assisted mass appraisal system. It has been developed exclusively for County Assessor’s offices in Arkansas and has been approved for use in Arkansas by the State Assessment Coordination Department’s CAMA testing Board.

The system applies the latest in graphic and database technologies to produce fast, accurate and defendable property values, incorporating replacement cost, income and comparable sales approaches to value. It features integrated Apex sketch package, digital photography and an embedded GIS interface.

Internet based real estate record access is available in addition to a laptop or tablet PC portable version for GIS enabled field data collection and on the spot valuation.

Assessor’s Apprentice features include:
Assessor’s Apprentice also features extensive reporting abilities, such as:

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