Apprentice Information Systems prides itself on doing one thing, and doing it very well: Improving Your Ability To Serve The Public. We offer several software packages designed specifically for local government; when you couple that with our hardware sales and support, you have an unrivaled commitment to your success. Below you’ll find a list of some of the AIS software packages currently deployed in over 330 installations in county offices.


Assessor's Apprentice
Real estate CAMA software for administration and reappraisal.

Child Support Apprentice
A new system for tracking the child support payment process

Clerk's Apprentice
Payroll, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger software

Collector's Apprentice
Tax collection and distribution software

Land Records Apprentice
A complete document imaging and record manager for the Circuit Clerk's Office

Marriage Records Apprentice
A complete application devoted to managing Marriage Records and Marriage License issuance

Personal Apprentice
Personal and Business Property assessment software

Recorder's Apprentice
A complete document imaging and management solution for County Clerks

Road and Bridge Management Program
This program puts the financial records for road and bridge maintenance at your fingertips in an efficient and easy to use format.

Treasurer's Apprentice
Complete system for Treasurer's office

Universal Cashier
Void receipt function with full audit tracking.

Website Services
Apprentice can create, manage and host websites for you.


In an effort to better serve our customers, Apprentice has established the following web sites. These sites represent some of the leading edge technologies when it comes to present local government services to counties and county residents.
Providing one-stop access to county assessment information through a convenient online application

Providing unparalleled customer service for counties and county residents, gives you easy access to county services such as online property tax reassessment and payment